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What if you don’t crack Joint Entrance Exam

Don’t compare: There would be numerous students around you who would do well in JEE Main. Do not compare your child’s performance with other children. Every child is unique in their own way and by comparing them with someone else you undermine their individuality and lower their confidence. Your child might already be feeling bad for not clearing the exam. So instead of giving them an example of the neighbour’s son help them understand that one failure does not determine their worth.

Understand the reason for failure: Sometimes children opt for a stream only because their friends are doing so or they think that it is what’s expected of them. Sit with your child and try to figure out why they did not do well in the exam. Trying to understand their reason for under performance may also help you understand your child’s real interest and you can guide them accordingly.

Help them find other options: JEE Main is not the end of story. There are numerous options available. Sit with your child and help them explore alternatives. If your kid wants to take a break for one year and prepare for the exams then help them devise a plan for the same.

Allow them some respite: JEE Main exams were conducted immediately after the boards. Even if they did not do well, but you cannot deny the fact that kids go through too much stress during boards and JEE exams. So let them have some peace now. Don’t send them in panic. There will always be a good option available if not engineering from an IIT or NIT or IIIT or other such institutes.

Encourage them to join some skill development classes: Until your child decides what they wish to do or study further why not encourage them to join some skill development classes or something which is of interest to them. This way they would be using their free time in learning something useful instead of just stressing over their career option

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